Tuesday morning was finally here and Mitchell was woken up by her alarm as usual. She was a bit sleepier than normal when she dragged herself to the shower. She couldn’t explain why the thought of her evening rendezvous with Daniel brought her a tingle of excitement despite her sleepy state. “This could go wrong like yesterday Mitchell. Don’t get too excited” She thought to herself

Donning a pink dress, her favorite blue satchel bag and black doll shoes, she stepped out of her house ready for work with a white coat neatly hanging on her arm. She could feel the warm delicate rays of the morning sun on her skin. God knowns how she secretly hoped that her date with Daniel would go perfectly today. After wading through Nairobi’s crazy traffic, she made it to the office a few minutes late. Mitchell was settling into her desk when she heard,

“Good Morning Mitchell!” Daniel asked holding a hot cup of coffee on his right hand.

“Good Morning to you too.” She replied trying to hide her excitement of seeing him.

“I can see someone came in late today huh?” He joked

“Well …………let’s just say that I underestimated the traffic.” Mitchell replied while putting her handbag on her lower locker.

“Or someone overslept.” Daniel continued joking.

“Hahaha! Don’t be such a snitch. We don’t do that here.” Mitchell laughed.

“Anyway, I was just pulling your leg……. Madam shrink. I just came to check on you.”

“I am OK, now get away from here. The shrink has lots of work to do.” Mitchell responded to an equally delighted Daniel.

“Kwani do I confuse the shrink? I have that effect on people you know?” Daniel gloated

“You think so highly of yourself, hebu get away from here!” Mitchell replied to Daniel who was now smiling on his way to his desk.

Productivity must be synonymous with Tuesday because on this day, she was able to accomplish a lot. Her ever unread emails full inbox was cleared. She was also able to complete a good number of reports and also finish a huge chunk of the research project. By evening, she was patting herself on the back for a job well done. Home time was fast approaching when Daniel called her extension line to remind her of an email he had sent and ask her to check her texts.

“Hi are you ready to go for our meeting? I can call a cab.” His text read.

“No, we can’t be seen leaving the office together. Especially in a cab, plus dandia fans will also want a ride in the cab and the last thing I need is people finding out that we are meeting outside work.” Mitchell responded.

“Many women would love to be seen in my company but you seem different. Hahaha! I am not even hurt madam shrink.” Daniel joked.

“But you know I have a point. Our client is a pain enough ama you want to have pressures of putting off dating rumors on top of the hard labor that we partake of here daily in the name of a job?”

“I wouldn’t mind dating rumors if they are about you and me anyway. C’mon Mitchell you can’t please everyone.” Daniel responded hoping to sway her his way.

“No Daniel. Kindly let us take separate cabs then we meet at Vipocho.” Mitchell answered firmly.

“OK madam shrink, as you wish. See you at Vipocho then and please no emergencies today.”

“Hahaha! Sasawa. See you there.”

Mitchell then turned to her computer and sighed. “That was a close one madam shrink. This Daniel dude is quiet the straight shooter. The last thing you need is an office relationship drama. In fact, today we are only talking about work. Whatever you do Mitchell, don’t you dare fall for a colleague.” She thought to herself.

On getting to Vipocho, Daniel was seated at the same spot he was at the previous day. This place must his usual and this spot his favorite. Only his laptop was keeping him company this time round. On the table was a tall glass of what looked like a mint chocolate milkshake. Mitchell walked towards Daniel who could not hide his joy of seeing her once again. He rose from his seat and shook her hands saying,

“Glad there was no emergency today.”

“Hahaha Daniel, this is the part you welcome me. I am doing this shrink services for free remember?”

“OK welcome Mitchell.” He said shrugging his soldiers.

The bubbly young waiter was quick to interrupt their discussion when he came to ask for Mitchell’s order.

“I will have what he is taking.” She replied to the waiter who rushed to get her milkshake.

“So, you are just going to copy me and act like you have done nothing?” Daniel joked

“Hahaha! That is what shrinks do.” Mitchell replied smiling so hard.

“I hope you like the place.”

“Why are you so keen on impressing me?” Mitchell asked

“Because you are my shrink hahaha!”

“Anyway, tell me what’s up? What is stressing you about this job? Did the client hit on you? Do you just hate his wicked smile? I mean I hate it too, but I hate poverty more.” Mitchell teased.

“First of all, I have to say you look really beautiful today.” Daniel answered. At this point all Mitchell could hear was, “whatever you do Mitchell, don’t blush. He thinks you are attractive but don’t blush.”

“Thank you.” Mitchell managed to reply.

Daniel then took over the conversation. They ended up talking about every other thing apart from the main agenda. At some point Mitchell felt like her efforts to bring the conversation back to the intended agenda were intentionally crippled by Daniel. He had basically asked her out to know her better and she………well she sort of gave in. She gave in to his queries about her life, she gave in to his compliments, she gave in to his jokes. Basically, the whole date Daniel was trying to convey one message, “I am not married, I am not dating and I like you a lot Mitchell.”

A quick glance on her silver watch reminded her that good things don’t last forever. It was already 9pm. Daniel had convinced her to take dinner with him but now it was time to go home. Daniel walked her the cab and asked to tell him once she got home.

Mitchell got home, took a shower and sat on her bed wondering what just happened. It dawned on her that she actually really enjoyed his company, that she loved the fact that he was not married and that she would not mind another date. He was still her colleague and she hated that part her reality. Office relationships were abominable according to her. Her phone buzzed awakening her from her office relationships loathing reverie; it was Daniel’s text.

“Hi did you get home safe? I just got home” It read.

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