My Shenanigans

I am enjoying a delicious plate of matoke served with game changer (read avocado) as I type this article. I have been trying to be consistent of late. My plan was to do a fiction story but I received some bad news right before I sat down to type the article. Believe me, I really tried to brush it off and act like everything was fine but *in R&B Singer Brandy’s voice* I am only human.

So this week, pardon me guys. Allow me to listen to one of my favorite sad moment songs i.e. Drogba (Joanna) by Afro B. It isn’t really a sad song but 2021 is doing the same thing that Joanna did to Afro B.

If the last few months of 2021 were an ex, they would be the ex who broke up with me on a date in which I was expecting a marriage proposal. Disappointments tupu! For now, allow me to deal with my shenanigans as I review Drake and Kanye’s albums. Send Wow Wow Salted or Sugared Rings if you can. And please share your book recommendations, I am still struggling to finish my Mills & Boon novel (I bought 2 imagine).

Have a blessed week.

If I was the ganja, you bring the lighter, roll me in rizzla, and set me on fire