Over the weekend, I met up with my cousin Nyangi in town and we bumped into one of her long lost friends. At that point, I realized that truly, Nyangi’s madness is contagious. Her friend was a tall and well built dude. You could tell that he was a fitness freak, a fact he confirmed a few minutes after saying hi. You know this is how a normal person would have introduced me:

Normal person: Hi this is my cousin Agnes.

Normal friend: Hi Agnes pleasure to meet you.

However with Nyangi things were different:

Nyangi: (smiling ear to ear) Hata ndiye huyu bibi nilikuwa nakuambia about. Si hata wewe unaona venye ameweza? (Turning back to me) Geuka mzee akuone vizuri! (pushing me towards her friend) Shika bibi yako na ulete mahari sasa. (laughs cheekily) 

Me: Nyangi uko na upuzi aki!

Nyangi: (grabbing my hand) Leta mkono usalimie mzee wako! Chokeeee!

Nyangi’s Friend: Nice to meet you my dear wife. Nyangi asante kwa kuniletea bibi. Nimemtafuta sana. Hug your husband young girl.

Nyangi! Nyangi! Nyangi! Utanimaliza wewe msichana!


I don’t know about you but for me, music is life. I fell in love with music from ever since I can remember. While in primary school, my best friend Olive and I would be discussing P. Diddy’s and Nas’ new songs while other girls talked about Alejandro and Maria in the Mexican soaps during lunch break. We would store lyric cut outs from magazines and compete with each other on who knew the lyrics better than the other. Maybe I fell in love with RnB, Hip Hop and Kenyan music to annoy my Country music loving mother. It must have been an act of rebellion because I was tired of her shoving Don Williams and Dolly Parton’s music down my eardrums for years.

When Aaliyah died, I cried because I felt a certain connection to her art. Damn! E-Sir’s and K Rupt’s deaths hit me hard aki. I was a die hard fan. In high school, I was always consulted on song dedications that my classmates wished to dedicate to their boyfriends on love letters. In form three, I was pressured by my classmates to sing for a classmate and her crush (our then Swahili teacher), Sauti Sol’s Lazizi as a love song dedication that would be sang at their wedding. I had already secured my first live performance gig manze! But those two idiots wasted my good time. The guy married someone else! Na venye we were waiting to clear school so that the girl can be of age to marry the love of her life? NKT!

In campus, I was a content producer for a radio show hosted by my friends Stella and Alice and I was so possessive of the playlist to the extent of annoying the technical producer (Richie you know I still love you). I joined the show when it was purely a rock music show and revamped the playlist to only accommodate African music. I told my co-host that African Music was the future and I remember how Khaligraph’s Embesha was on heavy rotation in my Playlist. He had star quality from the first time I heard him and look at the brother now. I have a bad habit of forcing people to listen to my favorite kind of music and Rock has never really been my cuppa.

I always dreamt of working in the entertainment circles, as a writer, a DJ (that idea drove my parents nuts), a singer, song writer or even an artiste manager. After campus, I was lucky to get a job in the entertainment industry and even though kwa ground vitu ni different, I still appreciate the art of making music. That is why I have a thing for track producers. I once tried writing songs but those songs never made it to a recording studio. Even Beyonce approached me to write songs for her at some point but I refused hahaha! In another life I would write songs for a living. I really appreciate song writers. I think that just like medicine, song writing is also a noble career, because music is food to the soul. Music is medicinal and lyrics are one of the core ingredients to a good song. Music heals the soul in ways we can’t explain.

Today I want to share 27 lyrics that are my current favourite lyrics. Why 27? You could say it is because I am turning a year older on Thursday or something like that. I will also share the link of the songs because I have a great taste in music (this is a scientifically proven fact, let us not argue). Anyway, if you love Hip Hop, RnB and African Music, you might just find a song you like or a new favourite. Narrowing down to 27 lyrics only was a daunting task because I breathe in music. Anyways:

If you ain’t got no money take your broke ass home!

Unaishi aje vibasic ni kama kesho iko promised? – Nyashinski

You only know my name, you don’t know my story – Stone Bwoy


They say it’s better to love than never love at all – Monica

Make I tell you straight you are not my mate – Burna Boy

I’m fucked up, homie you fucked up, but if God got us then we gon’ be alright – Kendrick Lamar

Ka si pesa au biashara, nani tembea- King Kaka

I got rap niggas that I gotta act like I like, but my acting days are over fuck them niggas for life – Drake

Paper cuts so I think I need a band aid – Anatii

These hoes showing fake love when I prefer the hate man – Big Sean

Be your own king, make nobody come rule your world – Shatta Wale

Get the fuck off my dick nigga – J Cole

If I don’t reach for your handshake, is that gon’ fuck with your self esteem? – AKA

That I’m in love, and I think I found the real thing – Lionel Richie

Rudi nyumbani, doesn’t matter what you did – Stacy Kimatu

My ego is my imaginary friend, he was with me when I was only imagining – Kanye West

Wakati wa Mungu humpata kila mtu, we kuwa na subira, andika haya kwenye shajara – Paul Clement.

I’ll be there girl, you know I care girl – Sean Paul

Cheated on fears, broke up with my doubts, married to my dreams, carrying the couch – Casper Nyovest.

I used to want you bad, I am so through with that – Beyonce

I wanna get something off my mental, I can tell you’re a pro, but baby, be gentle – J. Cole

If I weren’t in this spider web of mine, if grandfather never had seven wives, then darling you would be love of my life – Jidenna

Asiyekupenda achana naye, anayekupenda pendana naye – Diamond

Baby, here I am, I’m your man, I came with everything you needed, you and me are undefeated, til the end of time, one mind, one heart, one love – Trey Songz

Baby you’re my nurulain na nafurahi uko nami – Masauti

Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful – Keri Hilson

Nakuitianga form unakuja na dame yako, ungetumia buruwein, ukuje peke yako. Lewa na pesa yako – Eric Omondi

Ni hayo tu kwa leo but just know that my MPESA is line is working. Thanks in advance for ze birthday gifts.

You got that bomb huh, I’m try a detonate you. Wale – Lotus Flower Bomb Ft Miguel

Have a fantastic week fam.