Before The Year Ends

This post should have been published yesterday, but technical problems visited my site. Anyhoo…

I am typing this article from the comfort of my bed at ungodly hours (as usual) with a sheet mask on my face. According to the benefits listed on the mask’s packet, this product is created to shrink pores. I really hope it can shrink my problems too hohoho! Of late, I have been forcing the Baby Ghurl lifestyle lakini wapi! Sina pesa! Sina pesa! To be honest, 2021 has been the year in which I forced a lot of issues. In fact, why don’t you guys give a hearty round of applause for the one and only queen of forcing issues….. tundun tundun! Agnessssss! Opondooooo!!! Thanks, fam.

Now, my plan was to wrap up the year with the last post today but I will have to do that next week because I want to end the year in style. Think of this post as a curtain raiser for the last post of the year. Plus I know you guys wouldn’t mind one last article for the year right? OK. Moving on swiftly, over the weekend, I partook in a lot of debaucheries. Let’s just say that it hit me well that my body can’t handle 4 consecutive days of sherehe. I know that my body wishes it had a self-conscious owner who will go easy on it this month, lakini mimi ndiye niko.

My weekend uhalifu began when I invited The Kenyan Bar Guy AKA Shad The Rackster to be my date at Charisma’s (from Le Band) show last Thursday. Shad and I had been postponing our hang out since 2019 and we really had to catch up. I think that everyone needs a friend like him. Someone to roast your problems with. Roast those stupid stressors and laugh until you can’t breathe. I haven’t forgotten how he almost choked on his vape while laughing at my problems. Hata sikuskia vibaya hahaha! Anyway, I laughed at his issues too. So we are even. The rest of the debauchery days were spent with certain wahalifu (they know themselves) on the road.

So wadau, si I will see you guys next week? Till then, stay Taliban, stay wicked but don’t be crooked like a burukenge (I know… I know, my rhymes are too hot handle *flips hair and sips tea*)

Happy Dizemba!!

I feel the pressure, under more scrutiny and what I do? Act more stupidly

Kanye West