Dear Sweet Old Man

Hi old man! Remember how I used to pick your phone calls saying “Hi dad?” How are you dear? Are they kind to you where you are? Do they compliment you whenever you get a new hair cut? Wait do you guys even have a barber there? Do they serve you your favorite meal of ugali and fish?

Are you happy? At peace? I know it has been a while since I wrote you a letter but I have been busy going through life. Busy dealing with the disappointments that have been coming my way of late. Apparently, life has decided to show me that it doesn’t care about my plans, feelings or even hopes. But don’t you worry as I have been wading through the murky waters of my failed plans quite gracefully. If there was a meme that could describe my situation now it would be this one:

Old man, I hope you know that despite my silence I have really missed you. Not a day goes by without me wishing you were still here, but sote tutakufa one day ama? Sometimes I cry when I remember how amazing it was to have you around, the great gems of advice you always had and the silly jokes that would crack us up even in the worst of times. I have said this so many times but I really miss sharing memes with you on WhatsApp.

As usual Papa I will bring your nosy self (hihi) up to speed with the lives of your little girls and wife. Maybe we should start with your wife. She still dances in front of the mirror in the mornings and still serves us fruits in bed in the morning whenever we visit her. Mum still allows us to shop at her house and indulges in her obsessive cleaning on weekends. I always thought that one of the purposes of rain water is to wash the dust off gates but your wife….. hehehe! She washes the gate whenever she can. We call her house hehehe!

She still continues to work hard and has become a meme addict of late. A few weeks ago, a certain viral video made her laugh for days. Like we would be having breakfast as a loving family and she would be giggling incessantly. In fact, every visitor who came by during that period was forced to watch it and laugh along. I honestly didn’t think it was that funny but don’t tell her though, she will make watch it again for the bajillionth time.

Your little girl Maryanne just started her student attachment whoop whoop!! On her first day, I took a photo of her and all I could imagine was you comment on her outfit by saying “Ndelo! In her attire! No joke!!” I swear your compliments were always something. God knows how I wish you would be there to see her on her first day to the attachment. I was so happy I almost cried.

In order to make her commute to work easier, she now stays at my place. My lawyer had drafted a code of conduct to govern her stay at my place but this little rascal complained to mum so I had to put its execution on hold. I shall revisit this though. I know she is your little girl na inauma, lakini itabidi uzoee. After all, that is what she gets for nicknaming me Toto Shmart. According to her and Nyawanda, that name suits me because I am shorter than them. Seriously what happened to people respecting their elders? It is not even funny by the way.

Nyawanda is doing great. Last weekend she packed us some of her delicious maandazis and cooked for us some delicious fries. Honestly, I always look forward to her cooking plus who says no to potatoes in fried form? She is still allergic to hugs and for some reason now likes mum’s kittens. Remember our cat Jeeii? Well now it has two grand kittens i.e. Agie Kirry and Baby Kirry (named by mum out of sheer uchokozi) and they are the cutest beings ever. So yeah, these kittens have brought out the soft side of Nyawanda and it is refreshing. Her kindness to the kittens has not stopped her from being a snitch though. She still rats us out to mum.

Dad now that you are away, I see how happy your presence made mum. And no no! I am not saying that she is depressed or anything like that, I am just saying that I miss the light I used to see in her eyes every time she asked me for fashion advice when picking an outfit for your date nights. I really miss lending my fashion services and her text “Msitupikie we will be eating out tonight” every time you two went out. I have always said this and will say it again, the greatest gift gift you gave us, was loving our mother.

Dad I have to go now, I love you and miss you dearly.

Your loving daughter