Dear Sweet Old Man

Dear Dad,

It has been a while since we last spoke but I hope that this missive finds you well. How are things going there? Dad, I am doing good. Just wading through tempestuous waters of adulting. For a long time, I struggled to write you these letters because they only brought tears to my eyes, but nowadays, I can proudly report that sometimes I smile through them. That is growth.

I have been listening to music a lot of late. My Hip Hop playlist is fire!!! And I know you secretly loved Hip Hop. Just admit it, this is a safe place dear. I caught you severally singing Fena’s Sema Ng’wee. That is not necessarily Hip Hop but you liked Juliani’s songs old man, just admit it hahaha! I have been watching a lot of music documentaries too. We both agree that music brought us joy, it is up right there with the basic needs for survival. How I miss listening to you hum songs in the morning and singing to us your self composed songs too. Most of them were silly though.

Anyway, your wife is doing fine. She has been reading this blog religiously so I will try my best to not burn the photo (choma picha) hahaha! Lest I find myself in front of her disciplinary committee where she will read my long charge sheet and give me little to no room to defend myself, you know her well. Of late she has been hinting at wanting a son in law from me but wueh, hebu just tell her that awachane na maisha yangu! I went over to her house for the weekend and we binge watched home organization and cleaning videos on YouTube. I may never want to admit this but I am becoming more like with each day. You know this house cleaning obsession and stuff. Before I forget to mention, she still washes the gate, I have always thought that is the rain’s JD but wacha nisiponge.

Dad, you know that words can’t describe how much we miss you right? I will always remind you of how I miss seeing how happy you made mum. Especially with your silly jokes. That is what you used to ingiza her box, right? Right Papa? No? OK! OK! Fine! That is none of my business but I know that was your tactic hehehe! I miss helping mum pick a cloth for your impromptu dinner dates. “Agie don’t you think this dress is too short?” She would always ask. But just between me and you dad, if I had half the sexy legs that mum has, watu hawangepumua!! Ingekuwa ni kesi!!

Papa, your little girl Maryanne has a job. She together with your nephew Clifford, secured a gig that has been keeping them busy. They are out here securing the bag and making money moves and I am so proud of them. I am so sure that your daughter is allergic to poverty. If only you were here to see her grit and determination, damn! I hope that she will keep the fire burning. Sometimes I think that she is too intelligent for her age. She will probably smile and widen her massive eyes while reading this paragraph because just like you, she loves compliments.

Nyawanda aka Regie went back to school after a lot of convincing from mum. You of all people know how tough headed she is, I mean she got that trait from you anyway hohoho! Nowadays her stories are about her lazy and annoying school assignment group discussion mates who dandia the efforts of others. I am a firm believer that group discussion assignments in school were created to teach one how to be patient with lazy or incompetent work colleagues, please tell her that it only gets worse, hahaha! Currently she is on break and together with Uncle Eric, they have been mum’s personal sous chefs back at home. Si heri wao. Rumor has it that there is somebody’s son saved on Nyawanda’s phone contact list with a heart emoji. *sings* Nifundishe kunyamaza, nifundishe kunyamaza……

Felix, your cheeky son is still in school. He recently started a small business to pass time during his school break and let me tell you Dad, this young man only wants to be addressed as ‘Jeff Bezos.’ We had a long phone call the other day and he really cracked up with his jokes as usual. Sometimes I worry about him because he hides a lot of his pain in the jokes. But we will be OK, right Dad?

I know that this will interest you, finally Mombasa Road is undergoing expansion. You always complained about that road and gave your technical opinion on how best the government can expand it and why it was a priority. Wish you were around to witness it, buildings and constructions always fascinated you.

Dad, I have to go now, but just know that not a day goes by without you crossing my mind. You are loved and dearly missed.

Your Loving Daughter



Before I sign out, I want to send a special shout to Clifford Nyambedha, Thanks for always trying to cheer me up. I love you bro. The engineer with a big heart and writes well too. Guys read his blog here.

Cheki, huku si huko, hapa lazima utachunga mifuko, tuko ma pilka pilka

Steph Kapela