Happy New Year

Happy New Year fam!! Or is it too late to wish y’all a Happy New Year?

I will be honest, I really struggled to write this post. Not because I didn’t want to write or that I didn’t miss you guys. You see, I usually write my posts on Monday evening. And before writing, I have a writer’s prep session. It is packed with a couple of activities to get me into my zone. These activities include singing along to my favorite songs of the day, drinking a herbal tea, insulting my exes, dancing in front of the mirror, calling my small sister to annoy her and/or office boyfriend to remind him that he is a rat on de haiwei, and modeling around the house in my heels that I never wear to anywhere, etc. It is really an entire process and very fulfilling.

So yesterday, I got home psyched up to write my first post of the year. As I was climbing up the stairs, to my house, KPLC wakafanya ile kitu. I think KPLC staff just enjoy ruining Kenyan’s days. Hata sikuskia vibaya! The power blackout forced me to lie on my couch in the dark and think about my life. It was beginning to get zen until my soul-searching moment was interrupted by a call from my mum. She was calling me to give a detailed lecture on why I should be calling her daily. Instead of admitting that she already misses me, because I am awesome and people tend to miss me all the time, she decided to lecture me. So dramatic!

Her lecture messed up my chakras and that is why I ended up writing this post in the morning. OK, I lie, the power was restored a few minutes later and I decided to watch Uradi and 40 Sticks instead of writing. After watching those 2 films all I can say is Bilal Mwaura is my celebrity crush of the month. And I speak as someone who has met him in person. You know, I believe that it was the spirit that led me to watch the two movies yesterday. I could be writing but the spirit said, “Agnes darling! (It probably didn’t say ‘darling’ but still…) Go watch a movie, you never know what the other side has in store for you!” Oh Lord is that you showing me my husband? Speak! Speak! Thy servant is listening.

Anyway, how is your new year coming along? Do you have New Year resolutions ama bora uhai? Is the love of your life treating you right ama umesema love is for the birds? Are you on leave ama you are building the nation? Tunaweza shika some drinks ama poverty imekukumbatia na kukufumania after December sherehe? How are you? Hebu tell me hapo kwa comments.

Myself, siwezi complain. Wading through the waters of January like everyone else. Proudly rocking a gel nail polish art that looks like Boss Baby’s butt. I gave the nail technician the freedom to express his art. Now my small sister has a reason to make fun of me. Lakini bora uhai. We move on regardless. I am not removing the nail polish. And no! I am not posting a photo of my nails either. If you want to see them, nitafute, na ukuje na tamuu, dhenks. This year I plan to continue forcing issues.

You are probably expecting me to tell you my plan for the blog this year but I have to go now. As I sign out I want to send a special shout-out to Mr. George Okelo aka Ombuyu. I see you! Thank you for being a really dope person. George is a family friend I met through my grandma. All my life I have never met a person who is always so genuinely happy to see me.

Have a blessed week.

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