Hey guys welcome to my blog! Hahaha! I sound like a youtuber but don’t you guys just envy the enthusiasm that those guys ooze? They smile from ear to ear welcoming you to their channel whether they are having a good or bad day. These folks go to extra lengths to make sure the lighting is perfect, the view beautiful etc. They apologize for not posting. They apologize for posting too much hihihi! They have give-aways for loyal subscribers. Don’t you think they are just sweet souls? Heaven must have a special room with colorful rooms with lovely flowers to shoot YouTube content for them. I know it has been a while since I posted but I have been busy fam. That is not an excuse but imagine, I have been busier than a nosy mama ploti trying to figure out the number of women her bachelor neighbor entertains. I have been busier than I could ever imagine. I have been so swamped at work and believe me I missed you my peoples! Alafu the sweet humans who called, emailed, DMed asking if I am OK, aaaawww! It feels great to back. I feel at home. I just need a huge packet of wow salted rings and a huge mug of delicious lemon tea.

Anyway, if you have read my blog post on Jay Jay, then you know that we (my mum, sisters and I) have a cat by the name Jay Jay AKA Jeeiii. This pet was forced on us by my mother who said that anyone who could not stand Jay Jay should pack and leave. She was actually ready to pick Jay over her family but bora uhai! Anyhu, Jeeii got a girlfriend or rather a cat friend (let’s call it Kipenzi) and for a long time, mum, my sisters and I could not stand Kipenzi. We literally stood in the course of true love by scaring it away each time we found them together. However in our defense, let me state that Kipenzi has a plethora of weird colors on her fur and an annoying purr. Surely Jeeii could have done better in searching for a mate, but because I am a good person who loves to love, I moved on and accepted Jeeii’s decision. After all it is their relationship ama?

A few weeks ago Jeeii and Kipenzi were blessed with 4 kittens who by the way resemble Jeeii part from one who inherited Kipenzi’s weird fur. One of the four kittens died or rather disappeared mysteriously so they are now three. If you ask me, I think kittens are some of the cutest creatures. So delicate that you can’t help but want to protect and love them. My mother however has been on a mission to get rid of the kittens by giving them away. How cruel! How cantankerous! How belligerent! How callous! I mean who would want to separate those adorable kittens from their parents? But because I serve a living God, mum’s mission has failed terribly as these kittens have Kalenjin genes in them….they can run. You have better chances of getting Museveni out of power than catching these kittens. Mum says that she can’t stand the balls of Kipenzi. Apparently after Kipenzi bore Jeeii kittens, it walks in and out our house as it pleases. Mum has accused Kipenzi several times of clearing Jeeii’s food. But I feel that this are signs of Kipenzi beginning to feel at home. Can you imagine the other day she let me carry her?FYI I am the only person who bothers to carry Jeeii and Kipenzi. I am their personal friend and doctor too.

So because mum’s kitten deportation mission has failed, she has now resorted to try and find the owner of Kipenzi. Rumor has it that Kipenzi is not a stray cat that Jeeii heroically saved, but it is owned by a certain professor who lives nearby. Poor Kipenzi’s days in our house are numbered. If this professor certifies that he owns Kipenzi, then mum will deport both Kipenzi and her kittens. “Kila mtu na mzigo wake!” She says. Mum will do this without respecting the custody rights that Jeeii has over these kittens. I have been trying to distract her from this inhumane or should I say incatane (because we are talking about cats) decision like reminding her to start prepping for filling of tax returns and even offering to take take her on a shopping spree lakini ng’o! I have been praying and fasting about this issue. Hoping day and night that the said professor will denounce Kipenzi or turn out not to be the owner. I have even tried my best to stay away from sin, anything close to sin or anything related to sin so that God in heaven can hear my cry.

That is why I came up with the brilliant idea of a petition. Please help me sign this petition to keep Kipenzi and her kittens.

Petition to Keep Kipenzi and her Kittens. Help a cat and her kittens today!

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Also, MPESA donations (for whatever reason) would highly be appreciated. Just pledge your amount on the comment section and I will in box you the payment details.

I know Kenya has bigger problems but I just had to write about this.

Enjoy your week fam.