Lazy Me

Yesterday evening I got home early and had plans to write something for this blog. Actually, I had plans to write a couple of articles. But when you have a small sister who lives at your house and comes to distract you with movies and stories….your plans will obviously change. Because my small sister distracted my focus from writing, I asked to give me ideas on what to write about. “Write about me!” she responded blinking her massive eyes while covering herself with a duvet on the couch.

Truth is, my small sister is a great topic. There is a lot to write about her anyway: her threats to report me to mum whenever it is her duty to do the dishes, her puppy eyes whenever she needs a favour from me, the annoying nicknames she gives me because I am shorter than her (mbinguni tutapewa height mpya siste! *rolls eyes*), her solid advice, the way she calls me out on my bullshit etc. But I can do that next time au sio? I have been so lazy of late it sucks.

See you guys next week, let me focus on finding the next Scar Mkadinali or Jay-Z song that I will force my small sister to listen to tomorrow morning as she gets ready for work. Hihihi!

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Have a lovely week.

Gucci airbag just incase we crush.