My House Music Concert Experience

I attended an Afro House and EDM concert over the weekend. Now, I am not the biggest Afro House or EDM fan but my handsome date who also happens to be my cousin Cliff showed up excited and ready to party. Imagine he refused to take selfies for the Gram with me at the concert. (Cliff next time usinifuate kwa concert mscheeww *rolls eyes*). Because House music and EDM genres are mostly about the beats, the DJ or producer is always the star of the show. I watched each of the DJs get high off their deck skills as the crowd went into a frenzy.

This was not my first time attending a concert of this kind. So, I can proudly report some of the consistent traits of house music fans that I have come to notice. Firstly, they have a specific way of dancing. Most times they sway from side to side depending on the rhythm. So those girls who were twerking to every mix were sticking out like sore thumbs. Infront infrontness (kimbelembele) tu. I am sure they were not authentic House music fans or they probably just came to get drunk over loud energetic beats (which is no crime really).

Secondly, once they get to the climax of the mix, they usually raise and wave their hands high above their heads. This is normally done with their fingers stretched out in the air. Must be one of the ways of signaling the DJ that the mix is awesome. Deep down I think that it is also done to showcase their wrist jewelry or well-manicured nails, but oh well! What do I know? I mean, I went to the concert to flaunt my new wig, but mostly to work hihihi! (I am an entertainment writer too). Check out my work here.

Thirdly, on top of waving their hands, House music fans also close their eyes once they get to the acme of the songs. It is like they are usually on a spiritual high of sorts. Like they are giving their lives to the music. Surrendering it all! It is super amazing to watch. The ultimate exhibition of genuine love for the music.

Lastly, these peeps appreciate the beats and instrumentals in the songs. Most times they don’t give a bat’s ass what the lyrics are about. They treasure the genius behind sound engineering, layering, mixing, and mastering the beat. Unlike us loud Hip-Hop or Gengetone fans who wait to flaunt how well we know the lyrics to a song. But can you blame us?

Moving on swiftly guys, the other day I saw a couple in town rocking matching spectacle frames then wondered what level of love that was. Do you mean sijamatchisha kitenge will someone’s son bado but nyinyi mshafika stage ya kuvaa matching frames? Mungu nilikosea wapi? Like guys went to the optician appointment together and picked the same frames? Must be nice!

Anyway, one night I asked God to signal me of my next bae by sending me a guy who wears frames that look like mine. Na Sir Jah ni nani? Guess who I met at the concert? A dude rocking the same exact frames as I was wearing on that day! We even had a little chit-chat about our frames and toasted to our poor eyesight. The signal is very clear! I think I found the one. #TheOneHeKeptForMe #LoveIsBlind #ConcertLove #MunguAnajibuMaombi. Please wachawi najua mnaoverwork but msinifanyie ile kitu. We both lack 20/20 vision already manze!

Oh, wait! Before I go, this entire month, I will be celebrating my favorite female Kenyan artists by quoting some of my favorite lyrics from their songs below. There is so much musical talent in this country yet those who don’t consume Kenyan music are the loudest in criticizing our artists. I agree that a lot needs to be done to make it better for both the artists and fans. But that doesn’t mean that our artists lack talent. Anyway, what do I know? I am just an ardent consumer of Kenyan music and concerts.

Have a blessed week.

No one’s gonna stop me, long as I put no one else above me