I am typing this article at ungodly hours courtesy of my time-wasting habits. I got home early and after working on a certain entertainment story, I decided to have a lil fashion show where I was the model, designer, DJ, photographer, make-up artist, and hairstylist. I swear my clothes always look so good on me during such impromptu fashion shows. Only God knows what demons possess the same outfits on weekday mornings, especially Wednesday.

Last week I took a break and headed out of town to relax only to come back to haters in the office yelling at me “Salimia watu leave huisha!” *coughs* Dada Betty and Cheyaman *coughs.*  People won’t let you prosper bana! My mini holiday was well spent visiting my lovely Aunt, Aunty Mercy, and cousin Cecil. Aunty Mercy is one of those aunties who is always telling me stories about my father. She probably has no idea what such stories mean to me. I love you, dear aunt. Aunty Mercy made my holiday amazing and filled it with great fam times. Let me just say that my holiday was a blast well….. save for Cecil’s noise. Next time naandika noisemakers Cecil, Chokeeee!

Apart from being a noisemaker, Cecil was also my designated chauffeur for the amazing mini-trips that I took in between the holiday. Save for his annoying music and more noise, he was a good driver. Yaani the whole journey mtu ameniweka na nyimbo za usingizi and unsolicited relationship advice*rolls eyes.* We also played badminton, wueh I am so terrible at it (Cecil was making fun of me the whole time), but all in all, we thank God ooh.

My mini trip also featured picturesque views and calming sounds of the great Lake Victoria. I would want to live in Kisumu someday. I love that town a tad too much to admit it. Also, I had a few babysitting responsibilities courtesy of my little cousin, Joy. That cute little girl is a ball of energy. The babysitting reminded me that it was time to get my own kids…..OK Pullo pullo!! I am kidding, I am still my mother’s baby. Yes, she still calls me her little teddy bear (mostly when she needs a favor….. but still).

The thing that really touched my heart during my break was the Kids’ Fashion Show that we got to attend courtesy of my Dad’s youngest sister, Aunty Aquino. Let me tell you Maina, having connections is key in life. You should have seen me sitting pretty in the front row seat, all I had to do was drop my aunty’s name. My little cousin Prisca was among the models and damn that girl can slay on the runway! I was really moved by the inclusivity in the fashion show. Some of the models had physical disabilities. Each time I saw a visually challenged kid handheld down the runway by another kid, tears of joy formed behind my spectacles as I cheered the models on.

Now I want to end this post so that I can catch up with my work emails, but before that, I want Cecil to know the following (I know he will read this post):

  1. For the zenith time sir, just because you are taller than me doesn’t make my head a resting pad for your hand. #ShortPeopleLivesMatter
  2. My short hair is not a toy, especially after I have put in the time to comb it. Achieving that rugged hair look is no mean feat*Rolls eyes again*

Have a great week ahead.

I don’t think I’m crazy, I’m beyond that

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