Random Thoughts

It has been a while since I did a random thoughts post. Actually, it has been a while since I posted here. How are you guys doing? Did you miss me? Your favorite writer? Don’t pretend now! Oh! You didn’t miss me? Are you sure? Like fr fr?

In case you are curious about the beautiful person on the featured image. It is I. Yes, I am a very serious citizen of this country. I don’t just spend my days sending memes and laughing fwa fwa! To be honest I just love how serious I look on that picture! All no nonsense and stuff hehehe! The other day someone asked me if I take myself seriously. Well… Yes I do, look at that picture.

OK enough raving about the featured image. Today I want to share some random thoughts from my beautiful mind so shall we?

I am secretly regretting getting a dental filling because my teeth have been so sensitive since the procedure. It needed to be done but the sifia pain manze! Please send me Wow Wow Salted Rings. Thank you!

Dear Naivas Supermarket, please restock my favorite candy. I know that I am just from complaining about dental issues but hear me out. I initially used to buy this candy as part of decor. For real! But then I realized that I could use it to bribe my neighbor’s toddler to like me. Now he keeps asking for this specific sweet every time we meet and that makes I look bad. Like really bad. So please Naivas I have worked so hard to get this child to like me, you have no idea! Restock the damn thing! I only give the kid this candy once a quarter. Just maintaining relations..

Adulting is the ghetto! Ratatataaa! I don’t like it here but it is better than calculating logarithms and/or naming parts of a grasshopper. 8-4-4 should have taught us how to kuoga na kurudi soko instead!

Every time I remember the age I am turning this year, nashtuka shtu shtu shtu! Kwani I am no longer my mother’s baby? Alar! In that light, my birthday is next month. Whatever you do with that information is up to you.

My grandma promised to introduce me to her mzungu bae Tiende Obam after the elections. Wakati umewadia! No more excuses ma’am. Tuonyeshe mtu huyo wako! Huwezi kushinda umemficha kama mihadarati. It’s been 7 years of promises now.

I wonder why some people are obsessed with my hair. It’s a bunch of dead cells! That will still grow out anyway! I braid, trim, shave and treat it how I feel. And no! I don’t have crazy attachments to my hair. Whether long or short, my aim is to have healthy hair period! So relax! Sings *I am not my hair*

I really miss arguing with my office boyfriend. Call me bana! Rat on de haiwei! Doesn’t even deserve to be in my random thoughts. But we can schedule the argument on Zoom tomorrow evening, what say you?

My mum recently told me about a petty thing that she did. I thought I was petty, but my mum is bad news! Hatari! Wueh! Ogopa! Mum, please change your ways. Niko kwangu kama unataka kunichapa. (*nervous laugh* I hope she doesn’t read this).

Apart from annoying my equally annoying office boyfriend, I also miss my partner in crime Dada Betty. Our criminal activities give me life! Njoo tueneze uhalifu, pleeeeaaase.

I haven’t had time to read books and my favorite blogs as frequently as I want in the recent past and I don’t like it.

My friend Biko Kenyanito sent some pretty branding concepts and they are the best things that I have seen in a long while. Hi Biko! Anyway, comment below if you want a piece of these goodies.

Once you start watching Abel Mutua’s stories. There is no going back aki.

Recently, I said no to something that wasn’t working for me and felt extremely guilty afterward. I am doing much better now though. Learning how to say no without feeling guilty should be taught in school!

The people who follow me on TikTok like my small sister Maryanne more than they like me. That is quite unfair because the account is mine but hata sijaskia wivu. mnifollow bas.

Such a shame that of late my KPLC token machine doesn’t alert me when the units are almost finished. I used to love drumming along to that annoying sound. Almost launched my music production career with it damn! Dream killers *rolls eyes*

When will the weather get warmer?

Finally, I joined the microfiber towel gang na sishikiki wadau! Ati you guys are still using old pieces of cloth to wipe surfaces in your houses? Aje sasa? Can never be me! Hohoho! Ama nianze Youtube Channel?

Skincare routine! Sina maoni!

Been listening to that KU LO SA song on repeat. And also I can’t stop raving over Scar Mkadinali and Apesi’s song Hera. And and also a dope duo called Funk Avenue that I came across in the line of duty courtesy of my friend Derrick Mulla. You should listen to their song Whitewash. Music gives me life.

Obsessed with the matching pajama sets that I bought recently. They make me feel so organized.

I owe someone’s daughter a drink. I know she is expecting some fancy cocktails but design nitamsuprise na keg!! Hahaha! Wacha tu. Msimwambie lakini.

Officially resumed meal prepping and I hope to be consistent because it is a practice that makes my life easier. So help me God.

As hard as it is to admit this, I really wish I wasn’t as talkative. I admire silent people, like how do you do it guys? This is more of concern not just one of my random thoughts.

My new best friend is the cat that wanders in our flat. I don’t think it realizes how much I enjoy racing with it down the stairs every time we meet. The other day it extended her paw towards me. I feel the love too buddy.

I will try my best to post more frequently. In the meantime, if you want to be featured on this blog, reach me via agnesopondo@gmail.com

Have a blessed week.

And don’t forget that every failure is a lesson