I love watching home décor and organization videos. It is really part of my self-care routine. Well………apart from eating Wow Wow Salted Rings, drinking lemon tea, and listening to Wakadinali among others. Before I proceed, I would like to apologize for the technical error that you guys experienced on the blog last week. Thankfully, our amazing IT expert, Muchai AKA my office boyfriend came in to save the day (after threatening me of course, *rolls eyes*). So all is well. You can now read or reread your favorite pieces here bila stress.

Now guys I thought really hard about what to post today on this space. I didn’t even know what heading to use so please, believe me, I really tried. With that said my dears today just allow a sister to take a break, OK? I will be back with a new post next week. For now, let me go catch up with my favorite home décor content on YouTube. Kabla I sign out, those who want to hear the song that I wrote about last week (Badu and Cheyaman), kindly be patient. My lawyer is working around the clock to copyright it as I plan on the launch date. Give my able team ample time tafadhali.

One last thing, I sincerely want to thank you, people, for the plenty of birthday wishes, gifts, and love. God bless each one of you.

Have a blessed week ahead

Hating but I saw them in my show

Bey T