When Baby Girl Calls

My small sister Maryanne is the cutest thing that God has ever sent my way. Most times I call her ‘Baby Girl‘ because she is my little princess. Maryanne is my last born sister. And God! I love that little girl so much! Actually, I never spare an opportunity to tell her that I love her (my late dad and I were/are emotionally expressive ones in my family anyway).

Last year, we were having a little chit-chat about pregnancy with mum and my sisters. During the discussion, mum intimated to us that all her pregnancies were not easy. She further added that when she discovered that she was pregnant with Maryanne, she was not so enthusiastic about it for a minute there because again…….pregnancy was not so kind to her.

Suffice to say that Maryanne was sort of an “oops baby.” While Dad and mum were worried about the pregnancy, this little human presented yet another challenge. Maryanne was born with complications and had to undergo surgery at the tender age of 7 years. Despite her incessant crying and neediness as an infant, I have loved her from the day mum brought her home. That girl would cry until her mouth was shaking! But she was such a cute baby (now a beautiful young lady). My sister Regina and I would call other kids to come to see our beautiful sister. Maryanne’s presence reduced my playtime significantly when I was growing up because I had to be the firstborn and be responsible. But somehow a part of me was OK with that.

The day Maryanne walked out of the theater healthy, my love for this girl quadrupled. To date, I struggle to say no to her and each time I am successful at turning down her requests, I always feel guilty. Mum says that dad and I made her a little bit of a spoilt brat, but have you ever seen Maryanne’s puppy eyes? Especially when she needs a favor huh? You can’t say no to that.

Maryanne and I are really close. Mostly because she always needs a favor from me. Or maybe because I find it therapeutic getting on her nerves hohoho! Here is how our last phone call was like:

Maryanne: Agie Sweerie. How are you? (She always calls me Sweerie when she needs a favor). 

Me: I am cool like wool. (I reply hoping that she will appreciate my artistic rhyme).

Maryanne: (Giggles briefly). Agie umeanza tena?

Me: I am cool like wool by the pool.

Maryanne: (Palm on forehead) Please remind me, how are related again?

Me: Well……I am your amazing big sister. We look alike. Sometimes people confuse us. Despite the glaring difference in our height. By the way, why did you decide to grow taller than me? Huh? Were you not taught to respect your elders?

Maryanne: (Palm on the forehead again) God why is my sister so weird?

Me: I am cool like wool by the pool and the tool. Hujanotice the rhymes? I should hit the studio soon but I don’t want to send your favorite rapper home.

Maryanne: (Giggles before swiftly changing the topic and disregarding my budding rap career, that hurt me by the way). I was calling to inquire about the curtains that you promised me, dear. 

Me: Nitumie fare nikule kwanza ndio tuongee hiyo maneno. Hata wewe jiulize, nitakula fare ya mtu lini? 

Maryanne: (Rolls her massive eyes) You know what Agie? Bye. (hangs up)

Dear Maryanne, I know that sometimes you wish that you had a normal sister, lakini sisi ndio tuko. Much love Baby Girl.

Have a blessed week guys.

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